Activity Factory helps SMBs maintain a high level of efficiency and be able to focus on productive tasks and decision-making by taking over the repetitive tasks, allowing the businesses in the SMB space to scale further. 

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Business owners have a lot on their plate. This includes making sure records are complete, bills are paid, customers are being attended to, invoices are issued then collected and many more.

Activity Factory automates these workflows that enable business owners to have the critical time off to analyze the business. Activity Factory provides the ability to access work items remotely which enables business owners to go on business trips and build new relationships while having the peace of mind that business operations are running smoothly and consistently.




Workflow for requisition of goods and services all the way to receiving and completion.

Documented Procurement.


Watch: Accounts Receivable

Workflow for managing the processes of billing a customer and receipt of payment.

Transaction documents are attached to the process.

Never lose an invoice.

Never forget a collectible.

Watch: Accounts Payable

Workflow for payment of bills.

Transaction documents are attached to the process.

Avoid Penalties.

Regulatory Submissions

Workflow to ensure that all regulatory deadlines are met. Business renewals, employee remittances and etc.

Critically important for Real Property Taxes, BIR, SSS and other mandatory submissions.

Avoid Penalties.



The Small Subscription is designed for companies with 30-100 employees.  Manual processes often work when a company is new and starting up, which makes it easy to assume it will always work.  However, with the growth of a business comes the need for additional processes which can result to human error and growth bottlenecks. This is where Activity Factory comes in.



Cash Flow

Businesses survive on cash flow. Overheads need to be controlled, every single AR needs to be collected on time. Every disbursement is controlled and meticulously decided on. The challenge is this usually falls under the business owners responsibility.


Every single business owner wants to delegate to free up time. But the lack of training or controls in place make it difficult to do so without putting the business at risk.

Staff Training

Due to cash flow priorities, staff training is usually done by business owners or trusted personnel. This makes it a challenge for delegation and scaling.


Customer Service

More often than not, business owners are masters at customer service. That is why they have a business. This is all and good but it usually only works for the first 25 customers. After which the business owners start to work 16 to 18 hour days, working in customer service as well as financial management functions.

Inconsistent Execution

Sometimes good sometimes bad. The lack of formalized and documented processes usually ends up with hit and miss results. A basic example of this is cooking food. If there is no recipe in place, the cooking depends on the memory and apprenticeship experience. The first is usually unreliable and the second is a very expensive training program that is difficult to scale.


Approve on the road

Approve your purchase orders or proposal releases from your phone. No need to rush while stuck in traffic; on a business trip or having a simple lunch with the family.


Get the run-down on your business anytime anywhere

All tasks around the office are tracked by Activity Factory. It works 24 hours a day. It tells you what tasks are open, completed, delayed, including the employees who are responsible for each task.



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