Activity Factory simplifies the administration of Quality, Occupational, Environmental, Health, and Safety Management Systems.


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Tags: QMS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, CPAR, EHS, OHS, Health Safety, Workflows, Processes, Non-Conformances, task routing, checklists and documentation

Teams involved in Quality Management Systems(QMS), Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) and Occupational, Health and Safety (OHS) work with large amounts of documents. Activity Factory can help your team be more efficient by automating workflows and having all relevant documents as attachments that make records complete and searchable.

Policies and Procedures

Workflow for authoring and approval routing of policies and procedures. The workflow manages the approval of line managers and management.

Automate the document approval process. Send email reminders for open tasks.

Case Management and

Workflow for tracking the completion of cases that includes documentation, classification, actions, current status and completion. Case files are attached to each process for easy retrieval. Ideal for NCR or CPAR processes.

Ensures that cases are documented and closed in a timely manner.

Watch: Critical Task

Workflow for tracking critical tasks such as audit preparations and audit reporting.



Workflow to ensure that all regulatory deadlines are met. Business renewals, employee remittances and etc.

Critically important for Real Property Taxes, BIR, SSS and other mandatory submissions.

Avoid Penalties



Running different Management Systems for different ISO standards involves a lot of coordination and documentation.

These documents are very important for certification are usually required during audits.   The effort to produce documents and orchestrate various teams can be huge and time consuming.

Our goal is to simplify typical tasks involved in running these Management Systems.