Activity Factory speeds up HR processes and increases departmental effectiveness by transforming document-based processes into an automated structure.

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Human Resources teams should focus on people. However, documentary and regulatory requirements are part of doing business. Activity Factory can help HR teams automate standard HR workflows.


  • Post Ads
  • Receive Applications
  • Shortlist
  • Interview
  • Hire or Pass

Simplify the hiring process and get a rundown on progress.


Workflow for managing the processes of welcoming an employee. Document submissions, introductory training, track start and end of probation period, payroll registration.

Help ensure consistent employee experiences.

Documented Reprimand

Workflow for documented employee reprimands. Attachment of memos and employee notification and confirmation.

Manage all reprimands in a properly documented process.

Regulatory Submissions

Workflow to ensure that all regulatory deadlines are met. Business renewals, employee remittances and etc.

Critically important for Real Property Taxes, BIR, SSS and other mandatory submissions.

Avoid Penalties

Performance Improvement Plan PIP

PIPs are a difficult process to undergo for all parties. The employee, the supervisor and HR as well.

Having a workflow helps by guiding everyone on the process and documenting actions.

Manage this difficult task.


Workflow for managing an employee’s exit. This includes submission of documents, clearances and release letters.

Leave Applications

Workflow to manage leave applications.


The Human Resources subscription includes workflows designed for Human Resources Teams.

Our goal is to simplify repetitive HR administrative tasks making HR teams more efficient and collaborative.

By automating these workflows, HR teams are able worry less about compliance and focus more on the people and the developmental aspects of HR.

Set meetings to address delays

Activity Factory sends resolution calendar invites for all delayed tasks.



HR Records

Never Lose an important document

Document attachments are part of the workflow and are stored in one place.