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Electronic Signature

Activity Factory allows the integration of electronic signatures within the workflow for instant and convenient signing of documents anytime and anywhere.

QR Code

Activity Factory generates a QR code for every workflow which can be shared so anyone can track a workflow status without the need to log-in.

File Validation

Activity Factory allows users to verify if a file has been modified by untrusted parties.

Task Tracking

Email Notifications

Activity Factory sends out email notifications when work is progressing, work is assigned and work is delayed.

SMS Notifications

On top of email, Activity Factory can also send SMS notifications.

Overdue Outlook Invites

Activity Factory sends out outlook calendar invites to Process Owners and Task Owners for all delayed tasks.  This is to ensure that all delays are resolved. 

Progress Indicators

Activity Factory displays the status of each process.  It is very user-friendly.  Figure out where tasks are currently at and when they are due.


Search, find files fast

Work related files can be attached to the workflows enabling colleagues to share and collaborate better.

Document Repository

Work related files are stored in a single repository.  No need to run around looking for files and records.

Automated To Do Lists

Activity Factory creates a "To do" list for everyone. Work is more efficient and organized.


Use checklists to ensure that all documentation is complete.  No need to send back work for lack of documentation. 


Approve from Mobile phones

Activity Factory is mobile friendly. Tasks or approvals can be done from your mobile phone.

Access from anywhere

Subscriptions sit on the cloud.  Access from anywhere. Review documents and attachments while on the road.

Works 24 Hours A Day

Activity Factory is a workhorse that works 24 hours a day. It does not get tired.  An admin assistant that keeps track of all processes.

Collaboration and Messaging

While more and more people work from homes or from the field. Collaboration is easier with process messaging.  Write down notes and instructions for people involved in a process.