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Tracking Progress and Tasks

This video illustrates how work is distributed and how progress for each workflow is being tracked by Activity Factory.

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Productivity and Tracking Features

Automated "To Do" List

Activity Factory creates a "To Do" list for each user.  This is a fully automated process, no manual intervention required.

When activities within a workflow are being routed to people responsible for a task, Activity Factory adds these to a user's "To Do" list and removes it once the activity is completed.

Status Tabs

There are multiple tabs on the "Process Browser" that contain workflows that are in a particular state.

  • Open
  • Overdue
  • Canceled

Finding Documents or Records

Each activity will display an "Attachments" tab.  This contains all the files associated with the workflow.

When tasks are overdue

If a task is overdue, Activity Factory sends meeting invites to address the issue.  Save yourself the hassle of following up.

What this brings

Improved collaboration

Tracking of all tasks is done on a single web page that contains all relevant information.  No need to call or email.

It is even accessible from your phone.

Get answers in less than a minute.

Less work because the workflow system is orchestrating it

Employees don't need to worry about To Do Lists, this is automatically done for them.

Even ticking off completed tasks is done by the system.

Accountabilities and responsibilities are clear

Workflow tracks who are supposed to be doing specific tasks within an entire process. Teaches team members about ownership.

Be compliant to documentation

Avoid disputes by having the complete paperwork at hand.  This minimizes the risk of not getting paid or delayed collections because of the lack of paperwork.

Best of all no need to email copies or even worse having to photocopy.  Everything is attached to the workflow.

The workflow's Checklist System ensures completeness before passing it on.

Huge Savings

Substantial amounts can be saved by having no need for phone calls and SMS.  Not to mention photocopying or printing!

But the largest savings come from efficiency in operations and peace of mind!