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Put Your Business on Auto Pilot

Work life balance is truly a journey rather than a state.  One might be well balanced this year and swamped the next year.

One of the major sources of stress is the nitty-gritty things that have to be done everyday as we do our trade.

These are some of the problems we are trying to fix with workflow automation.

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Sources of stress that can be avoided.

Email Hell

We have all been here before... Get to work, open outlook and 200 unread emails are sitting on your inbox.  Chances are majority will be related to these.

  • Co-workers or bosses asking for updates
  • People asking for copies of files
  • People setting meetings
  • People following you up
  • Real work stuff we have to do

Status Updates

Related to "email hell" are phone calls and texting.  How many times have we called two or three people just to find out the status of something.

Finding Documents or Records

This administrative task is truly annoying when you have so many things in your head.  A customer calls you and asks for the total amount of an invoice so he can pay now and you cannot find it.

This normally leads to involving two to three other people to get an answer, plus calling your customer again.

Ensuring that Tasks are being done and not forgotten

Let's be honest, when we have important tasks and even if we are not responsible for doing the work, we still have it in the back of our minds.

It is 7:00 PM and we still want to know if a billing document has been sent to the customer by finance.  Call finance? or take it to your sleep?

The only time our brain unloads it is when we know its been done.

How workflow automation helps you on a daily basis

Unified tracking of all business workflows

Tracking of all tasks is done on a single web page that contains all relevant information.  No need to call or email.

Get a run-down on the entire operations.  Open tasks, delayed tasks and etc.

It is even accessible from your phone.

Things get done because the workflow system is orchestrating it

Processes are started by company events such "a customer placing order" or "a new employee coming on board" or a scheduled task like tax payments.

The workflow system does the daily "roll call" for you.

Accountabilities and responsibilities are clear

Workflow tracks who are supposed to be doing specific tasks within an entire process. Teaches team members about ownership.

Be compliant to documentation

Avoid disputes by having the complete paperwork at hand.  This minimizes the risk of not getting paid or delayed collections because of the lack of paperwork.

Best of all no need to email copies or even worse having to photocopy.  Everything is attached to the workflow.

The workflow's Checklist system ensures completeness before passing it on.

Huge Savings

Substantial amounts can be saved by having no need for phone calls and SMS.  Not to mention photocopying or printing!

But the largest savings come from efficiency in operations and peace of mind!

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