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HR Automation: Automating the Employee Onboarding Process 

Despite the unemployment rate, recruiting new employees is a time-intensive and costly task for companies. Yet, most organizations spend little time in making sure that these talents feel valued enough to stay in the company for a long time.

A company’s onboarding process can create an impact on employee retention. With the multitude of steps associated with employee onboarding, automation can streamline disparate steps in the workflow and ensure a quick and smooth onboarding experience for new hires.


What is Employee Onboarding?

Employee Onboarding is the process of integrating a new employee into the organization and its culture, enabling them to learn the attitudes, behaviors, knowledge and skills required to function effectively within an organization.

In other words, this process ensures that companies set the right tone for new hires, laying a strong foundation for their career in the organization.


Employee Onboarding Process Flow

The automated workflow starts as soon as the candidate confirms employment offer acceptance, which means the person was successfully placed.

  1. New-Hire Welcome

The HR team is responsible for making the new employee feel welcome. You want them to feel that the company is properly managed, and it was right for them to accept the job. Greet the new hires with an onboarding swag/kit and make the onboarding extra memorable and personal. Check out UBER's welcome swag below.


Before the joining date, you’ll want to be prepared with the following:

  • Orientation Schedule
  • Salary Account
  • Office Furniture & Supplies
  • Office Equipment


  1. Workstation Setup

Setting up a workstation should be coordinated with the hiring manager and co-workers. They have to be informed about the start date of the new-hire to prepare accordingly. Necessary office furniture and supplies must be complete and ready.

  1. Granting Access

Providing Biometrics, ID, Email access have to be done before the start date. This can help give the new-hire the sense of belongingness.

  1. Provision of Equipment

Company laptop, smartphone, and other necessary equipment that would help them fulfill their roles and responsibilities must be properly coordinated with the department/s handling it.

  1. Orientation & Training

It is important to make sure that your new hire knows the mission and vision of the company. Discuss company rules and the responsibilities for the new hire to get up to speed on things that would help him/her fulfill the role.       


Enhance the Employee Onboarding Experience with Workflow Automation

With a well-documented employee onboarding process mapped out and automated in a workflow software, HR teams can onboard new-hires efficiently and consistently. Listed below are the other benefits you can get from Employee Onboarding Process Automation.


  • Reduces administrative cost and avoid compliance issues by digitizing new-hire paperwork.
  • Ensures a consistent employee onboarding experience to all new hires.
  • Smoother flow of information makes collaboration across departments involved in the process a lot easier.
  • Increases new-employee satisfaction and can positively impact employee retention rate.
  • Transparency in the onboarding process flow allows users and approvers to track process status which prevents delay and errors in onboarding.
  • Ensures complete documentation before the employee’s start date.


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