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Business Case: Sangguniang Panglungsod Ordinance Approval Process


Sangguniang Panglungsod Legislation

The Sangguniang Panglungsod produces all City Ordinances and other City-based publications.

The process itself is time-consuming, the sheer amount of coordination between all the City Councilors and the staff is a daunting task.

Tracking Progress and Maintaining Transparency

Tracking the progress of a City Ordinance is difficult because it involves many stakeholders.  This introduces many versions of a document, sometimes these versions are in paper format or are in Word Documents. 

If three parties are working on the same document, it creates confusion as to how to merge the changes.  Even just making sure that all the changes are even recorded in a final version is already difficult.

Staff members need to go through all documents in order to maintain transparency between the City Councilors.

Routing of paperwork is another challenge for the staff.  Transmittals and document receipt processes just add to the burden.

Using An Automated Workflow System for Authoring

By introducing a workflow system, coordination work is made much simpler.  Routing is done by the software.  Due dates and reminders are all done by the workflow system itself. 

The workflow will send out reminders to all task owners and tracks people who are responsible and accountable for the tasks.

All documents and versions will be stored in one workflow process, nothing gets lost.  Making the process very transparent.

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