Moving further towards a paperless environment, Activity factory is a workflow tool for business process management (BPM), designed to help companies computerize manual processes and SOP’s. Activity Factory let’s managers automate complex processes easily without depending heavily on internal or external I.T resources.


With Activity Factory, everybody involved is kept in the loop at all times. Work is ensured to be kept going efficiently by everyone accomplishing their respective tasks until the activity has been completed. (Activity Factory is designed for small to medium sized businesses and organizations, however larger corporations can also benefit from the software).

Product Features

Workflow Designer

Activity Factory comes with its own workflow designer, an administrator may import from a workflow template and customize these processes to match business requirements.

Support for various process routing options; split,merge and loops.

Activity Factory supports various routing options that are required by most business processes.

Database Integration

Create structured data to go with a workflow, like customer information, application details and other information that the business needs to mine. This allows a System Administrator to fetch data from other databases and display the data as part of a business process.

Resource Groups

Activity Factory uses a resource pool algorithm to assign owners to a task.  Activity Factory checks out a resource person's workload and assigns tasks to the least occupied person.

The resource group allows resources to delegate tasks to a team member within the group. This comes in handy for customer support or sales calls, defect resolution and other time sensitive business processes.

Performance Monitor

Activity Factory comes with pre-defined reports to identify workload, process bottlenecks, fastest and slowest resource person or business process.


Search Functions

Users can search for a specific process and it's current status. When users  assign specific metadata to a process, Activity Factory uses these metadata to search for these processes.

Directory / Filewatcher Workflow Tool

Initiates new processes when files are created on monitored folders.  Rules may be specified by specific folder names. This tool is designed to be used for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions or batch processing applications.

Temporal or Scheduler Workflow Tool

Initiates new processes based on periodic schedules. This tool is designed for periodic transactions such as membership billing, leases, license renewals and other periodic transactions.