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New to Workflow?


What is a workflow?

The basics of workflow.

Accounting Software

Workflow and Accounting

How they work together.

daily follow ups

Business on Auto-Pilot

Miniminzing stress at the office.

Outlook Invite

Automatic Calendar Invites

Resolving delayed tasks.

Tracking Progress

Tracking Progress

Automated task tracking for increased productivity.

Small Business

Watch: Using Checklists for complete documentation

Use checklists to prevent tasks from completing without documentation.

Why you need to have defined Business Processes

Reasons why you need to spend time to define your business processes.

Human Resources

Consistent Employee On-Boarding

Using a workflow to make on-boarding complete and consistent for all employees.


Watch: Data Privacy and Security

Understand how your data is being protected on our subscription plans.

QMS, EHS and OHS Articles

Managing ISO Documents and Workflow

Using a workflow simplify ISO Implementation and Maintenance.